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We have the roadmap for your business to become a money-making machine with commercial cleaning & disinfecting. We have invested tens of thousands of dollars to bring you this online course that covers everything from contracts to sales, marketing & daily operations. 

Here are the steps that are covered in this course to start a commercial cleaning business: 


Step 1: Education on Cleaning and Disinfecting Services

In order to sell the service of cleaning and disinfecting to commercial businesses, you have to become an expert in the subject. This service will be in demand for years to come so you have to be an expert on cleaning & disinfecting. Coronavirus (COVID-19)  is a few of the possible subjects that may come about on top of: 

  • Bactericidal Activity (Pseudomonas & Streptococcus)
  • Antibiotic-Resistant Bactericidal Activity (MRSE & PRSP)
  • Virucidal Activity (H1N1, HIV-1 & Rhinovirus)

Education from the CDC and official sources...

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