We have the roadmap for your business to become a money-making machine with commercial cleaning & disinfecting. We have invested tens of thousands of dollars to bring you this online course that covers everything from contracts to sales, marketing & daily operations. 

Here are the steps that are covered in this course to start a commercial cleaning business: 


Step 1: Education on Cleaning and Disinfecting Services

In order to sell the service of cleaning and disinfecting to commercial businesses, you have to become an expert in the subject. This service will be in demand for years to come so you have to be an expert on cleaning & disinfecting. Coronavirus (COVID-19)  is a few of the possible subjects that may come about on top of: 

  • Bactericidal Activity (Pseudomonas & Streptococcus)
  • Antibiotic-Resistant Bactericidal Activity (MRSE & PRSP)
  • Virucidal Activity (H1N1, HIV-1 & Rhinovirus)

Education from the CDC and official sources will expand your knowledge on how to become an expert and offer the most up to date facts on what we know about the emerging viruses. We have compiled resources on top of resources to educate yourself and your team to become the subject matter experts in cleaning & disinfecting. 

Step 2: Risk Management for Operating a Commercial Cleaning Business

Cleaning and disinfecting as a service can be a scary business to get into without the proper guidance. There are liabilities and proper guidance with your state legal professionals are recommended. In our course, we have over 3 hours of video content about risk management details and contracts on operating a commercial cleaning business. 

There are a lot of legal languages that need to be reviewed by your state's legal professionals. Our attorney Ed Cross covers California and our course will include his contract that is priced at $1000 face value. 

Step 3: Marketing and Getting in the Door With Commercial Businesses

We have laid out the steps on how we got in the door with national franchises, property managers, logistics warehouses, manufacturers, and more. We provide our marketing materials for you to use like an out of the box business course. All of our marketing materials were reviewed by professional copywriters for optimal conversions. 

We have strategies that allowed us to get multiple cleaning leads on a daily basis that is shared in this online course. The demand is growing more now than ever. Our course covers subjects on how to find your avatar, video marketing, content creations, digital marketing, and expert positioning.

Step 4: How to Close Sales for Commercial Cleaning

We have sales scripts that we have perfected for inbound and outbound sales. Our sales and marketing techniques have brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars worth in revenue in just cleaning & disinfecting services already. We have templates on how to write estimates and even how to do affiliate marketing to get more sales in the door!

Step 5: How to Run and Operate the Cleaning & Disinfecting Division

Starting the business and getting cleaning leads is only the beginning. We go in DEPTH on how to run the daily operations from which cleaning and disinfecting products to use (EPA List N), to how to run a crew. 

Our operations section goes into detail on Personal Protective Equipment, Fit Tests, Equipment Applications, Equipment Checklists, Site Assessments, Time Tracking for Crews, Steps of Cleaning & Disinfections, and After Action Reports.

You will be able to write estimates, reverse engineer costs, and mark up the profits needed to be profitable. 

Step 6: Leadership and Organization

Leadership is the most important aspect of being able to run a successful operation. As a leader, your team must be behind you 100%. Cleaning viruses and biohazard is a risky job that your team must be willing to take on. They must be trained, confident, and have complete trust in you as a leader to keep them safe. 

Your message to your employees must be clear and concise, with instructions on how to move forward. Documentation and organization of how the operations is ran is just as important as doing it. Using tools like Google Docs and Sheets will keep your operations running and tracked to the dot.

Step 7: The Finances and Collections

As a business owner, you want to know your bottom line and profit margins. We go into details on what to look for in your project profit margins, invoicing, and collecting and even financing options. The most important thing is getting money into the door after you have completed all the work, so we have tips on getting that done as well!


That's it! Our course will get you from starting COVID-19 Cleaning to CRUSHING COVID-19 in a matter of hours. We have over 300 pages worth of resources that we divided up into easily digestible sections with supplementary video content.

Get the complete course today and start CRUSHING COVID!


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